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HaschCod will convert the video file of any format into MPEG4 video in the range of 240p, 360p, 480p or 720p. How to transcode? Once a push zone is created you can upload your video files using FTP, SCP or rsync, and HashCod does the rest. We transcode the files the to the desired profiles you have selected and once transcoded video file will be made available on our cloud (Your Push Zone) for further delivery to end users.
vod transcoding

Features & Benefits

Multiple Output Profiles

You can now create a profile to transcode file in one click also your our defaults profiles.


Thumbnails are the preview image of your video content which will enable your end user to see the parts of the video.


For the layman to understand deinterlacing, there is no line when you watch an action movie.

HD Encoding

Do not worry about what is the content quality we can handle any VOD content and provide the best output at a flat cost.

Web Formats

WebM & MP4 are formats supported and continually working towards integrating new technology into our platform.

Cloud Storage

Store your transcoded VOD content on 3x replication cloud powered by Open Stack.

Flat Pricing

You can enjoy quality transcoding at a flat rate of .0003 USD per minute.

99% SLA

With our guaranteed SLA you can relax and focus on your services.

Unlimited Transcoding

No restriction you can simply pay per minutes used for better pricing purchases our ADD-ON packages.

Real Time Status

You are updated every step of the process so be in the captain's seat and know the status.


We can now send the transcoding status via email or WebHook.

Add On’s

We are what we repeatedly do.

Dedicated Resource

We can allocate dedicated resource to achieve the fastest output.

Unlimited Transcoding

Peace of mind from overage invoices and Goodbye to surprises.

Custom Integration

We customized anything to meet your requirement.

Dedicated Manager

We handle every account with extreme individual attention.

API Tools

Manage our CDN functions via a range of API tools and abilities.

Control Panel

User-friendly management console to control your CDN delivery.

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