Video Content Delivery Network

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Video Content Delivery Network is the interconnected system of servers placed in different geographical locations, which delivers live and on-demand videos automatically from the closest server to a user for content from any part of the world. Your live TV channel would be available on all of the streaming EDGE servers which will ensure that the end user request can load within seconds. IPTV is one of the video streaming services which utilizes the Video Content Delivery Network to a maximum extent.
video content delivery network

Features & Benefits

Private CDN

We will build your own white labeled CDN which will save cost on your dedicated servers.

Custom DNS

With our custom DNS, you can utilize your current dedicated servers to serve along with CDN.

Custom Integration

We build up custom PoPs to meet your needs as well as integrate it with your existing dedicated servers.

Guaranteed SLA

We guarantee your services to be up and running of your SLA choice.

Content Security

Protect your content from being re-streamed. We have a broad range of methods to secure your content.

Reports & Analytics

Know your users, forecast your usage, and learn the behavior of end users to ensure better end user experience.

Add On’s

We are what we repeatedly do.

Optimized BW

Ultra low latency achieved via directly connected ISPs.

Unmetered BW

Get relief from overage invoices and say goodbye to surprises.

Custom Integration

We customize everything to meet your needs.

Dedicated Manager

We handle every account with extreme individual attention.

API Tools

Manage our CDN functions via a range of API tools and abilities.

Control Panel

User-friendly management console to control your CDN delivery.

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