Live Transcoding

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Live Transcoding is a method of turning a single source live stream into other formats or bitrates to match with the playback devices the end user is using. HashCod also supports adaptive bitrate streaming which can turn your stream into multiple bitrates; the end user receives the appropriate stream that is best suited for his device.


Features & Benefits

Flat pricing

You can enjoy quality transcoding at a flat rate of 25 UD for SD and 50 USD for HD on a monthly basis.

SD Transcoding

If your content is low is quality use our SD transcoding selecting the right solution is via trail and error method.

HD Transcoding

If your content is high is quality use our HD transcoding selecting the right solution is via trail and error method.


Converting your live stream properties such as codec, resolution & bitrate, etc. you will need to use transcode function.


If you wish only to convert the bit rate only, use transrate function, all other properties remain the same.

Web Formats

We currently support MP4 format which is H264 and AAC.

Pull External Source

You can transcode any live stream which is originating externally and delivery it via our CDN or your CDN.

Region Selection

You can choose and be closer to your origin server by select the data center closer to your origin content.


Insert logo on your transcoded stream, this may require high resource hence follow a trail and error method to select SD or HD MBT.

Add On’s

We are what we repeatedly do.

Dedicated Resource

We can allocate dedicated resource to achieve the fastest output.

Unlimited Transcoding

Peace of mind from User-friendly invoices and Goodbye to surprises.

Custom Integration

We customized anything to meet your requirement.

Dedicated Manager

We handle every account with extreme individual attention.

API Tools

Manage our CDN functions via a range of API tools and abilities.

Control Panel

User friendly management console to control your CDN delivery.

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