IP Cam Re-streaming

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IP Cameras are mostly used for surveillance purpose, and they typically support up to 10 concurrent connections. This can be overcome by using our CDN, which will enable you to re-stream or broadcast online to a broad audience or a particular group.
IP Cam Re-streaming
IP Cam Re-streaming

How does it work?

You can create a re-stream from our CDN by entering the URL of the IP camera. Typically it would be RTSP URL.Once the re-stream is configured, our ORIGIN server will start pulling the feed from the IP camera.You can fetch the embed code from our console and paste into any web page so that end users can watch the stream live.

Minimum Requirements

  • Your IP camera should have a static IP, or your router should be correctly configured to pull the stream from the IP camera.
  • Ensure that your IP camera supports RTMP streaming.
  • H.264, AAC or MP3 are the supported videos and audio formats.

Features & Benefits

IP Cam Manufacturer Support

We support a long list of IP cams manufactured by different providers.

Save Bandwidth

Using our IP cam re-streaming, you can now eliminate bandwidth congestion on the network where the IP cam is connected.

Adaptive Bitrate

Multi-bit-rate streaming ensures that the end user with low BW can view your content without buffering.


Restrict your IP cam stream to particular areas and hence avoid the headache of content copyright issues.


You can now stream the IP cam only on the desired domain on which you wish to deliver the live stream.

Secured Token

Protect your IP cam stream using an additional security feature called secure token.


Record your IP cam stream and deliver it to your end user at a later time.

Pull & Push Mode

Now you can pull IP cam stream to our CDN or push to your CDN.

Reports & Analytics

Know your users, forecast your usage, and learn the viewing behaving to ensure better end user experience.

Raw Logs

Access your raw logs free of cost and get to know your end user behavior with depth.

99% SLA

With our guaranteed SLA you can relax and focus on your services.


We provide 24/7 support 365 days a year.

Add On’s

We are what we repeatedly do.

Optimized BW

Ultra low latency achieved via directly connected ISP's.

Unmetered BW

Get relief from overage invoices and say goodbye to unpleasant surprises.

Custom Integration

We customize everything to meet your needs.

Dedicated Manager

We handle every account with extreme individual attention.

API Tools

Manage our CDN functions via a range of API tools and abilities.

Control Panel

User-friendly management console to control your CDN delivery.

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