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CDN web hosting enables website acceleration, and our managed CDN web hosting helps to accelerate your static web content. CDN web hosting is the simple technique to cache your static web content, including text and images across our CDN server across the globe.

However, traditional web hosting can create bandwidth congestion mean if there is flash crowd to your website your web server may not be able to handle peak in the traffic which turn create end user dissatisfaction. With CDN web hosting you can not only manage the flash crowd but achieve low latency and delivery content in less than 3 seconds which what the time end users are willing to wait to load a website. Now you can gain resilience, high-end user experience, robustness and security from DDoS.

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CDN Web Hosting

HashCod CDN replicates your content to all our EDGE server within minutes. All your end users can access the contact closer to them, with very low latency, loads website faster and reduce the burden on your ORIGIN server.

Security you can enable SSL with just one click from our console, the SSL will be enabled in virtually real time. You can choose from two option shared SSL and dedicated SSL both activated at NO cost.

Our comprehensive SLA guarantees uptime which gives you a peace of mind and concentrates on your business services rather than being worried about the technically of your website delivery.

Premium Network

Our CDN run on a world class network connects Tier 1 IP transit provider as well as ISP's.


You can opt between our Shared SSL and dedicated custom SSL with no additional cost per month.

Instance Purge

Use our Clean Slate tool to purge content from our EDGE servers within minutes or you can individually purge.

Instance Config

Make changes to your Push / Pull zones and get the changes propagated across the CDN.

Secure Token

Protect your content using an additional security feature called secure token on top of SSL.

Raw Logs

Access your raw logs at free of cost and get to know your end user behavior with depth.


  • Our Clean Slate tool and advanced cache setting enable you to purge content and update within minutes.
  • Canonical Headers can be set hence you can let the search engines where the origin file hosted.
  • Edge setting enables to gain complete control over content disposition, strip cookies as well as pseudo-streaming.
  • Bandwidth limiter allows rate limit the delivery to end user saving thousands of dollars.

  • We replicate your content within minutes to all EDGE servers.
  • Reduced Error Rates mean your delivery what you want to end user in less time which save bandwidth.
  • Low latency to connect to your end users as we are connected to the Tier 1 network providers and major ISP's across the globe.

  • Our comprehensive SLA guarantees uptime which gives you a peace of mind and ensures your AD's delivered to end users.
  • New AD campaigns instantly propagated to all EDGE server within minutes.
  • Our SSD server reduces seek time to find data on your drive which significantly increases delivery performance.

  • Integrate your dedicated server setup with our CDN with minimum efforts.
  • Our technical team will ensure your complex processes easily managed within our CDN
  • We can meet your budget and which guarantees you run your business with minimum effort.

Add On’s

We are what we repeatedly do.

Dedicated Resource

We can allocate dedicated resource to achieve the fastest output.

Custom Integration

We customized anything to meet your requirement.

Dedicated Manager

We handle every account with extreme individual attention.

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