10Gbps Unmetered

Reliability and performance at the best price

10 Gbps on 10 Gbps NIC server can be used by business enterprise web hosting, streaming and application hosting, etc. We guarantee a 10 Gbps network port speed which gives a leverage of 3000+ TB data transfer per month, which enables to push as much data as you want with the 10 Gbps port. You do not have the ability to burst the network speed. The unmetered server will not have any extra charges on the amount of traffic you use, and you are free to use the traffic you require.

What makes Our Dedicated Servers stand out from the rest?

Premium Network

We are connected to world class networks and work with Tier 1 IP transit providers and major ISPs across the globe.


We monitor your incoming and out going traffic and enable null route if we detect any suspicious traffic.

Private LAN

Now you can communicate with other servers within the VLAN with security and free of cost.

Custom Pricing

We offer 100% customized servers built to need your requirement and we will try out very best to be within your budget.

Managed Support

This means that we provide full support and management for your server both physically and for all of the software that comes installed on it.

Server Monitoring

Our unique monitoring system works on multiple levels to ensure that your server has maximum uptime.

Verified Handover

We double check your servers and do checklist verification before handing over to you hence there is no surprises.

Unmetered Traffic

We offer a wide variety of BW options which includes unmetered traffic by which will never ever see a overage invoice.

Dedicated Servers ENTERPRISE

Plan ID CPU RAM Disks Network Bandwidth Total
Dual Xeon 5520 16GB 2 x 120GB 10 Gbps2 10 Gbps $520.001 Order!

1. The pricing may vary according to the data center location and add on you have selected.
2. Option to upgrade NIC speed up to 2 Gbps.

Add On’s

Unmetered Bandwidth

No overages ever again on your dedicated servers

NIC Speed Upgrade

Get the maximum NIC speed by upgrading to 2 Gbps

Additional IP

You can add IPs with nominal monthly fees on every server

Hardware Firewalls

Additional physical layer of security for your servers, be secured

Load Balancer

Distribute among multiple servers to handle massive traffic

Hardware Raid

You have a range option to select from RAID 0, RAID 1 and more

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